Filing VAT returns in Belgium

VAT-ADVICE.EU is your partner for all matters relating to VAT

Verlos uw organisatie van de btw verplichtingen en geef het in handen van professionals. Zo kan u zich richten op uw core business.

We will be happy to handle all aspects of this process for you - or only a portion of them if you prefer.

You can use online software to follow up all the necessary procedures for smaller entities. Additionally, we also offer advice in structuring the full-scale administrative process for larger entities.

We can easily tailor our services to your needs and to the software you currently use. It is not unusual that foreign organisations use software that is linked to their home market/mother company, with a view to enabling convenient group reporting, for example. However, this can result in problems with regard to conformity with Belgian accounting legislation or VAT obligations. We will be happy to handle all this on your behalf.