Our values, mission and vision

VAT-ADVICE.EU is your partner for all matters relating to VAT

Vat-advice.eu is a brand of the Thesora group. Our VAT services fits within our overall mission and vision of the group Thesora.



Our company is also an SME and as such, we are familiar with the needs of our clients, which is why we are very happy to be flexible when it comes to the range of tasks we cover.


Our aim in setting our quality bar high above the legally compulsory level for accounting and tax matters is to create added value for our clients.


By taking an honest, open and correct approach to work, we are able to reassure all our stakeholders (clients, government bodies, employees, etc.) of our integrity.


We distinguish ourselves from other similar companies by applying a no-nonsense approach to all our large-scale projects as well as everyday problems.


Accounting assignments and tax advice in themselves no longer suffice when it comes to the services that today’s clients need.

If a one-man business can become a one-man company, a one-man company can become a small company and a small company can become a medium-sized company, then company directors today need more professional help than ever before. They need all the assistance they can get to make up for any shortfalls in the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations.

If non-profit organisations and small to medium-sized autonomous public companies are to carry out their roles optimally, they need the right kind of support and advice to ease their burden.


Customisation from A to Z


We want to help our clients to develop their entrepreneurial spirit, and to do so we like to actually participate in their projects. This also means being ready to help them through tough times! In addition to our basic role as an accountant and tax adviser, our primary role is to offer help to active entrepreneurs as “financial advisers”. Most SMEs do not have their own CFO, so we are very happy to take on the principal tasks of a financial director in the form of monthly reporting at the invitation of the board of directors. If there is a need for it, we are even prepared to sit down with the shareholders and managing directors and take on the role of director if necessary and develop a mission and strategy to achieve the goals that have been set. This means that we can offer immediate assurance that the company will be “correctly” managed according to well-defined values and according to well-defined guidelines. We can also provide the appropriate services to family companies and where necessary offer advice or mediate between the company whose goal is to be profitable and productive and the shareholders whose sights are firmly set on returns and capital gains and the family where harmony, equality and unity is often the goal. And finally, a flourishing enterprise is also a measure of the quality of life for shareholder-entrepreneurs or managing directors!

Non-profit organisations

One of our missions is also to help these service providers to grow by acquiring insights that can be applied immediately as well as knowledge that will put them in a position to enhance their potential.

in the Brussels Periphery!

We want to be the leading reference in the region based on our belief that our growth goes hand in hand with the growth of our clients.