VAT Advice

VAT-ADVICE.EU is your partner for all matters relating to VAT

We provide VAT advice to small, medium and large enterprises. VAT law has developed rapidly into an amalgamation of complex, formal regulations. Failure on the part of your organisation to comply with these regulations can be very costly with regard to retroactively duties, refusal to deduct VAT, fines and interests. Actually, this is only the tip of the iceberg.


Our society is evolving into one in which the consumer is acquiring increasing decision-making power as a stakeholder. The concept of compliance, and coordinating business operations to the expected degree of compliance, has become self-evident to large enterprises. However, this is often not the case for SMEs, and there are many explanations for this. Rather than being obstructed by all these compliance requirements, they should actually be used as an accelerator for your future and possibilities for expansion!

Here is a summary of the problems most frequently encountered:

  • Legislation with regard to B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) services to customers in other European Member States.
  • Choices with regard to intra-Community acquisition and the accompanying registration for the so-called ‘Group of 4’, including VAT-exempted entities (hospitals, educational institutions, etc.)
  • Deduction restrictions in Belgian VAT legislation
  • Intra-community transport of goods, triangular transactions
  • Remote selling
  • VAT with regard to real estate: VAT-exempted real estate lease, leasing of immovable property, etc.
  • Import/export outside of the EU
  • Mandatory statements on invoices
  • Destination document for intra-community regulations